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Falcon 2000

The Falcon 2000 is a Private Jet Aircraft with a large cabin, transcontinental range, and fast cruise speeds. The most distinguishing characteristic between the 2000 and its predecessor is the change from three engines to two. Recognizable by its two rear fuselage mounted engines, swept tailfin and mid-mounted swept tailplane, this widebody long range business jet can hold up to 10 passengers plus crew. This jet has 9 cabin windows on each side of the fuselage. The Falcon 2000 private airplane cruises at 481 knots and has a range of 3420 nautical miles.


Capacity: 10

Air Speed: 481 MPH

Range: 3420 mi

Cabin Width: 7.7 ft

Cabin Height: 6.2 ft

Cabin Length: 31 ft

Baggage Capacity : 134 ft³

Lavatory Style: Enclosed

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