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With access to over 4,000 aircraft and countless relationships worldwide we ensure that our clients will always benefit from the newest and safest aircraft available on the market. Our industry expertise means that being a Serenity Blue passenger is synonymous with flying with the utmost comfort and safety. We record all our clients’ experiences with and reviews of different operators, thereby ensuring you always get the best treatment available when you choose to charter a private jet with Serenity Blue.

Aircraft client may rent

Charter Booking Process

Map of plane flying

Quote Request

Positive Staff meeting client

Charter Sales Team

Example Brochure for Client

Options Provided

Plane Flying

Client Selects Plane

Luxury Service a client will receive

Trip Confirmation

Hospitality Client will receive

Time to Fly!

Details are passed along to the Serenity Blue Team to include:

Sales Team receives request and asks any necessary questions to confirm all details are understood.

Options are provided, to include prices, age of aircraft, amenities details and photos if requested.

Client chooses the aircraft based on their needs, or price requirements.

Serenity Blue requests all passenger names, dates of birth and any details.

  • Trip itinerary, with times and destinations.

  • Aircraft type or size requests.

  • Amenities requested (WIFI Onboard, Microwave, etc.)

  • Team will provide the client  contact details for any questions during the quoting process.

  • The client will give a time frame of when to expect quote options.

  • Any restrictions will be made aware to the client at the time of quoting.

  • Serenity Blue provides a formal contract to the client for review, and signature once committed.

  • Credit card information is provided from client, and payment information is discussed.

  • Serenity Blue also requests any allergy concerns, along with catering requests, and any ground transportation needs.

  • Remaining details or questions are discussed and the trip is finalized.

Serenity Blues 24/7 trip concierge team will monitor the flight, update passengers of any weather concerns, and send flight following messages to any requested parties.

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