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Hawker 400XP

Hawker 400XP charter jets are another strong competitor in the world of light private jets. There are a lot of reasons people choose to fly on private jets – the main reason being how much faster and easier it is to get from airport to airport or city to city. Like many other aircraft in the same class, Hawker 400xp charter jets strike a good balance between performance, cabin comfort and economical operating costs.

Hawker 400XP Jet Charter – Key Features

  • Spacious Cabins – This is one of the elements most talked about by private jet travelers. In particular, the layout of this cabin is what makes all the difference and the interior space in terms of square footage isn’t much larger than other light jets. A flat floor with a more oval shaped cabin creates the feeling of spaciousness that exceeds many other jets.

  • Cruising Speed – Getting where you need to go quickly is the main priority for a lot of private jet travelers. Hawker 400xp jet charters have some very well designed Pratt & Whitney turbofan engines that push it through the air at a speed over 400 knots, while remaining comfortable and stable in the air.


Capacity: 8

Air Speed: 434 MPH

Range: 1600 mi

Cabin Width: 4.9 ft

Cabin Height: 4.8 ft

Cabin Length: 15.6 ft

Baggage Capacity : 56 ft³

Lavatory Style: Enclosed

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