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Gulfstream G650

​The Gulfstream G650 is one of the biggest, fastest and overall best private jets that is available today. This jet allows its passengers to fly all over the world faster and higher than any commercial jet. This aircraft is the pinnacle of the heavy jet class with its large spacious cabin and luxury dripping off every piece of it. It has the tallest, longest, and widest cabin for any private jet in its class. Along with the incredible luxury this plane is one of the most exclusive jets available which puts its passengers in a class all of their own.


Capacity: 16

Air Speed: 652 MPH

Range: 6400 mi

Cabin Width: 8.2 ft

Cabin Height: 6 ft

Cabin Length: 46.8 ft

Baggage Capacity : 195 ft³

Lavatory Style: Enclosed

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