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Lear 40

Lear jets have worldwide reputation and there are few other types of jets around the world that invoke the same impression and status as a Lear. The Lear 40 light jet is no exception to this and Serenity Blue offers some of the safest and seamless Lear 40 charter flights available.

Whether this is your first jet charter or you a regular flier, the luxury and reliability of the Lear 40 light jet charters is the only way to fly. Quick take off speeds and a fast time to cruising altitude gives all passengers a comfortable ride through any type of weather or conditions.

This aircraft has the range and cruising speed to get you wherever you need to travel but still offers the convenience of a light jet that can land at most city airports. Groups of 6 passengers can fly in comfort and style every time you need to go somewhere.


Capacity: 6

Air Speed: 483 MPH

Range: 1810 mi

Cabin Width: 5.1 ft

Cabin Height: 4.9 ft

Cabin Length: 17.7 ft

Baggage Capacity : 65 ft³

Lavatory Style: Enclosed

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