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Airbus A320

This jet is capable of flying routes ranging from short European commuter sectors and charter operations to coast-to-coast U.S. flights, and more. The A320’s advanced technology includes the extensive use of weight-saving composites, an optimized wing that is 20 per cent is more efficient than previous designs, a centralized fault display for easier troubleshooting and lower maintenance costs, along with Airbus’ fly-by-wire flight controls system- where control inputs from the pilot are transmitted to the flying surfaces by electronic signals rather than mechanical means.


Capacity: 60

Air Speed: 464 MPH

Range: 3400 mi

Cabin Width: 12.1 ft

Cabin Height: 7.3 ft

Cabin Length: 90.1ft

Baggage Capacity : 1322 ft³

Lavatory Style: Enclosed

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